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Edit Your Story Part Two

Creating a story is only the first part of the process. Editing your story takes skill, knowledge, and patience. From Holly Lisle, I learned editing is not just about punctuation and grammar. It’s about the story you wanted to write compared to the story you wrote. It’s about the inspiration of the story, the themes […]


Create A Cover

Creating a cover for an ebook is easier than for a printed book. The ebook cover only needs to show the front cover of the book and can be easily created using several online programs. The printed book cover includes the back of the book and the spine as well as the front cover. Create […]


After Your Book Is Published

After your book is published is when hard work begins. In order to sell in this market, your book needs: Reviews A landing page A way to get the word out Getting book reviews is harder than you think, unless you already have a large list of fans willing to read your book and give their […]